Modern technology teaches man take for granted the world he is looking at; he takes no time to retreat and reflect. Technology lures him on, dropping him into its wheels and movements. No rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation - the senses are continually overloaded with stimuli. [Man] doesn't learn to question his world anymore; the screen offers him answers - ready - made. Joost Meerloo.


We all have a need to tell and express ourselves fully! You can be yourself freely. We all fake a lot in our lives because reality is very hush. We all have a huge crisis and sometimes have no one to share with. This service is for the people who have huge responsibilities or something very heavy on their consciousness.

Only face to face.

Philosophy of humanature


More details coming soon.

On top of face-to-face counseling, I also offer online therapy for anyone and everyone.

Get to talk wherever you are